UNF Faculty Domains

UMW’s Domain of One’s Own initiative is intended to provide UMW students, faculty, and staff their own domain and web space. Reclaim Hosting is oriented toward educational institutions to help them provide inexpensive web hosting for students. Otherwise a domain registrar (the place where you sign up for your domain name) such as Hover, and web hosting like A Small Orange are what you need to get started. WordPress.com provide customers with pre-configured solutions for creating websites, but less access to the inner workings of a website, and therefore less control.
If you’re ready for the deeper programming of the web then you’ll need an FTP client such as Filezillaor Cyberduck (I use ForkLift) to move your files to your web hosting space. You’ll also need a Text Editor such as Notepad++ or Text Wrangler (I use Espresso) to write the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. HTML5 Up provides some free, well-designed, and responsive (look good on mobile devices) templates for non-commercial uses. See the Webmaker section to get started programming the web.

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